Canine Clamping

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Q: A Rottweiler just clamped its teeth on my balls and won’t let go. Should I be concerned?

Anonymous, Narre Warren

A: No, dear reader, there is nothing to worry about.

Although our friend the Rottweiler does possess the strongest bite-strength of all canine breeds, he still gets tired eventually like any other animal.

You just need to withstand the pain longer than the dog does, and it’s a known fact that the Rottie has a notoriously low endurance threshold for pain!

If you’re worried about more damage being done to your testicles while you play this dubious waiting game, take solace in the fact that, odds are, the majority of the damage was done during the initial biting motion and won’t be particularly worsened by the lack of blood-flow or additional crushing force applied by the dog’s jaws. No leverage, you see.

Just watch out for any kind of sawing motion.

Harvey Poppington

Learned in all things, Harvey imparts wisdom and joy through the medium of the written word.

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